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Metamorphosis II Metamorphosis II Metamorphosis II Metamorphosis II
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8/05/2023 - Morad and Samuel have great news!

Morad Stars new song is ready: Metamorphosis II.
Samuel decided to record the song in a studio with professional musicians of the band 'The Me In You' and Rudy Trouve. Both have a lot of experience.
'The Me In You' recorded 4 albums and their single 'Girl In Armour' (2011) received good critics. They also took care of the opening tune of Jeroen Mues television program 'Dagelijkse Kost'.
Rudy Trouve is known as the first guitarist of the popular band dEUS. Together with Daan he had success with the band 'Dead Man Ray', he played with Mauro Pawlowski and many other artists and groups. At this moment he performs with 'Dino and the Chicks'.

Song: Metamorphosis II
Written by: Morad Stars
Recorded: 16, 17 and 24 April 2023, Studio 195
Producer: Patrick Delabie, Samuel Coomans
Engineer: Patrick Delabie
Publisher: The Ponds Publishing


Morad Stars: vocals
Stijn Claes: keys
Han Wouters: lead guitar
Thomas Van Den Haute: rhythm guitar, keys
Dimitri Dhaene: bass, keys
Nico Manssens: drums, maracas
Rudy Trouve: guitar, effects

24/10/2022 - Morad's new album 'Popcorn' is online on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, Amazon and 200 webshops.
The new album contains 5 remastered songs from the first album and 6 new songs written and recorded in September 2022.
Visit Spotify like, download and listen to the new album:

Morad Stars - Popcorn

Morad Stars Benelux Morad Stars Benelux Morad Stars Benelux Morad Stars Benelux
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16/10/2022 - These pictures were made on Friday, 14th of October 2022, prior to the 2 hours long interview at Radio Benelux in the city of Paal-Beringen.
Morad is showing an electrical guitar, manufactured by Jos Y. Sere of PHIL guitars.
During the interview of the programme Culture Coated, on air from 6 to 8 p.m., Morad and Samuel explained about their cooperation, music in general and their shared memories of their childhood in Molenstede.
Morad played the following three songs live in the studio on acoustic guitar: 'Following', 'Aaaah' and 'You Wake Me All My Name'.

16/10/2022 - Together, Morad and Samuel designed a new cover for the first album 'Imagine Peace With Popcorn', because Morad considered the previous design somewhat too politically charged.
The drawing is of unknown origin: some time ago, Morad just found it on the streets and it probably was made by a child.
Because he very much liked both design and the colours, he decided to keep it and that's why it came of use right now.

Morad Stars - Popcorn

10/10/2022 - Morad presents his new song 'Devil's Theme' especially for Halloween available on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, Amazon Music etc.

Morad Stars - Popcorn

9/10/2022 - Morad presents his new album 'Popcorn' with 5 remastered songs from the first album and 6 new songs written and recorded in September 2022.

Morad Stars - Popcorn

4/09/2022 - Download and listen to Morad's song 'Tonight' on Spotify, Youtube, iTunes, Amazon Music, etc.

4/09/2022 - Morad Stars official website is online.