My name is Morad. I welcome you to my web site.
I'm a composer of pop songs in different styles; rock, electro or instrumental music. You can find and download my album and music on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube and more than 200 online record shops.

Morad currently lives in Lille, France. However as a child, he spent 6 summer holidays with a foster family In Belgium, where he grew up side by side with their only son Samuel Coomans. Decades later, both friends were reunited through Facebook!
Since his 14th birthday already, Samuel had worked many years as a radio host and become a passionate Beatles fan.
Together with his partner Tim Thys, he started a company named The Ponds Publishing. When Morad revealed the many appealing songs he wrote, Samuels offered him a 2-year contract to publish his music and arranged copyrights for Morads' compositions up till now.

Right now, he is working on brand new material, the result of which you'll be hearing soon.

Morad Stars